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Curse Of Justice
Saturday, 05/21/2005
?Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, And The Crack Cocaine Explosion?
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Foreword by California Congresswoman Maxine Waters
This letter was inspired because of the book: “Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, And The Crack Cocaine Explosion”. I think this might be a bit much for your newsletter but this is the real world that I live in. The book changed my thinking and my complacencies. I went from wimp to warrior.

Los Angeles Times
John P. Puerner, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer
And: Tina Daunt, Times Staff Writer
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Tina Daunt:
I will address this mostly to you Tina Daunt, because Mr. Puerner already knows I want him to step down and out of the newspaper business because, in my February 14, 2005 letter to Mr. Puerner, I accuse him of being a coward and a tool of the CIA. Tina Daunt, your overly opinionated, two full-page article in the Times Calendar section, March 16, 2005, describing the life of Gary Webb, seems like Mr. Puerner, is using you to have the LA Times cower down again to the CIA.

I will not make a case for your poor opinions because the details which you seem to miss are well stated in Gary Webb’s book, “Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, And The Crack Cocaine Explosion” Foreword by U.S. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

It somewhat surprised me that you didn’t say anything about U.S. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ writing and supporting Gary Webb’s book.

Here are the last two paragraphs of the Forward written by our “Still existing, not dead and defenseless,” U.S. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.
This book shows how the L.A. crack market flourished through a breathtaking combination of government negligence, greed, and criminal conduct. It also demonstrates that thee U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, The DEA, and the FBI, were aware of the activities of this well-connected drug network throughout its long existence and did little or nothing to stop it. Indeed, in several instances documented here, the Justice Department, The CIA, and the Secret National Security Council unit run by Oliver North, took extraordinary steps to protect the ring from public exposure.

In its final chapters, DARK ALLIANCE reveals Gary Webb’s personal account of the behind-the-scenes conflict that led to this newspaper’s stunning repudiation of its own groundbreaking series and at what cost he has stood by his story.

Extraordinary Steps In Return:
REPUDIATION, that is why Puerner is now personally cursed by me and may Puerner’s soul burn in hell for eternity. I ask God and all readers of this email to request Webb’s Ghost revengeful justice.

Sincerely Yours,
Loraine Stewart (unsolicited ghost writer for Maxine Waters)

From the LA Times:
“If you believe that we have made an error, or you have questions about The Times’ journalistic standards and practices, you may contact Jamie Gold, readers’ representative, by e-mail at:

Phone; (877) 554-4000

Fax (213) 237-3535

Mail to:
Jamie Gold
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

To Whom It May Concern

Posted by neopagan2 at 9:46 AM
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Yes Curse Of Justice
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: The Curse Of Justice
May 21, 2005

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68……………………….. Phone: (909) 866-9310
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8944

Subject: Cover letter, manuscript submitted, true story, first time writer.

After many years of writing letters against evildoers and receiving little or no help this person then submitted a manuscript. The manuscript requested that those so willing to attach onto the evildoers and their families the “Curse OF Justice”. The manuscript’s was also a request for a Divine Blessing to be attached onto the willing person and their family for attempting to attach such a justifiable curse.

The pain of the curse is to be justly applied according to the amount of pain the evildoer’s actions caused.

And the Divine Blessing will be justly applied to the good person and their family based on the efforts toward attempting to attach such a justifiable curse on the evildoers.

May 19, 2005

View on the Internet at:

Subject: Curse Of Justice

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68……………………….. Phone: (909) 866-9310
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8944

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter could be the first page of the manuscript; it’s your choice. This is an interactive letter, which will grow based on boggler websites and their threads. Example:

Some of my letter writings are about getting a one-year sentence in a Federal prison for writing about my corrupt Wisconsin Congressman. While living in Riverside CA., I wrote: HELP, a homeless newsletter. Two years ago I wrote many letters about my two court victories and proved the Judge lied and showed the District Attorney falsified police reports. Recently I wrote a letter to San Bernardino, County Sheriff Gary Penrod. The letter was about two Middle Eastern men who said they would kill me.

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Garry Webb, at the age of 49 recently committed suicide and I feel that the spirit of Gary Webb may have inspired me to fight back again. My attempt at suicide was because of an involvement with by then Wisconsin Congressman James Sensenbrenner Jr., who is now also the United States House Judiciary Committee Chairman. My newest fighting approach, against Congressman Sensenbrenner, is using good and satanic curses and blessings rather then just words in a complaint letter, flayers or protest signs; and I’m asking others to do the same.

Creating and giving blessed collector type stamped letters and envelops is one of my hobbies.


Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

The Curse of Justice
By Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

Prison house of souls provides
a powerful mode for revenge.
The dead too desire to stay in touch
and revenge provides the mode.

Evil excites and evil exists and good people must preach that existence and when it’s found use whatever powers they have to ruin that evil. A recent example of teaching the ruination of evil was in the LA Times, February 18, 2005; page A3, by Times Staff Writer: Tracy Wilkinson. The article talks about demonic possession and how the Catholic Church is taking the matter very serious and for the first time is earnestly teaching American priests about exorcism. The fifth paragraph from the end states that the United States is in serious need of exorcists because of the countries skepticism about the practice.

I believe we can’t just wait for religious leaders to possibility consider that some of American lawmakers have a form of demonic possession; we must confront the evil within these lawmakers using the legal tools at hand.

“Vengeance Is Mine, Said The Lord: But He Did NOT Say Vengeance Is Mine Only”

I pray for the curse of justice
I pray for the curse of justice and request you the reader to also pray for the curse of justice. Pray that the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and may the justice of God and the vengeance of Satan, give no peace to the souls and lives of the spiteful that hurt others. Pray for the curse of justices to give pain to the soul of House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R Wis), and the souls and lives of the next 10 generations of his family. Request in any way you can that this curse of justice be given so as to show examples that the poor and defenseless will not tolerate evil.

Have the curse of justices be so painful that the next 10 generations of Sensenbrenner’s souls and sprits influence the second 10 generations, so they become less evil then the previous generations. Pray that all Sensenbrenner’s do “great” sacrifices to help the poor and defenseless. So great become their sacrifices that they too become poor and defenseless. I make this prayer request for justice because of Sensenbrenner’s mockery of those who like me, have failed in trying to fight his power. The mockery I claim Sensenbrenner reeks of was provided by Sensenbrenner’s quote in the LA Times, February 13, 2005. Quote: “I’m at the point in my career where threats don’t have the clout they did my first and second term.” The Times article goes on to describe other examples of Sensenbrenners despiteful actions and the dangers of opposing his power.

Spiritual issues often are ambiguous
As a Catholic I believe in communication with the spirits, spirits being either good or evil. In the name of good and evil spirits I request your help in this curse. Please use your powers of witchcraft, prayer, hexes, voodoo, meditation, psychic powers, subliminal messaging, web-blogs, and curse like rituals. If I Carl G. Mueller am lying, then let my curse and the curse I request from your prayers of justice be placed on me ten fold.

God knows your heart.
That which is exalted
in the sight of men
is an abomination
before God
Luke 16:15

A religious phenomenon
I make this request to Satan because the so-called religious leaders appear unmotivated to fight the politicians; I suspect that the churches fear the loss of their tax-free power. In the name of the poor and helpless, “I request Satan and his worshipers to grant painful payback because of the pain and suffering Sensenbrenner’s political actions and non actions have caused to ten’s of thousands of the drug addicted poor and helpless.”
This is simply stated as “The Drug War Deception”

“Dark Alliance”
An example of those thousands of people suffering because of Sensenbrenner’s spiteful leadership can be understood with minimal reading of Gary Webb’s book “Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, And The Crack Cocaine Explosion”. By keeping the poor thinking about drugs prevents them from organizing educational activist activities and thus, preventing the exposure of our countries hurtful leadership. A hurtful leadership which will not authorize and enforce equal education for the poor, is an abomination.

And when the darkness spreads its spooky calm
once more over his starlit ceiling
he will rest as shunned and unobtrusive
and nameless as he will arise.

Prayer is telepathy?
Something is having me think to seek legal revenge for the pressure brought onto Webb, pressure that caused Webb’s suicide. People request for good to triumph over evil or evil to triumph over good; how are these requests suppose to take effect? I can relate to the pressure brought onto Webb to commit suicide. I attempted suicide after being unlawfully jailed by Sensenbrenner’s lying FBI men. That affected me to write this.

In Denis Brian’s book, “Einstein: A Life” Einstein says telepathy is possible but Einstein says he wouldn’t believe in ghosts if he saw one. Using Einstein’s possibility of telepathy, compounded with my personal motivation, which could be brought upon by prayers/telepathy, and the fact that American priests are being required to learn exorcisms, (LA Times, 2/18/05, A3) gives blessing to my philosophy of, “lawful revenge by imprecation” might just be possible. Using our telepathy imprecators to be requested are Webb’s spirit, myself, and any living or dead who want to fight back. Lawful revenge is requested to expose the possible demonization of not only Sensenbrenner, but also those written about in Webb’s book. I use the word demonization because of the magnitude of those hurt by the attitudes of our leaders and news media, LA Times in particular. Webb’s book has the LA Times changing history, see page 463.

Webb’s suicide was not because he was some radical writer trying to make himself the news story. As a reporter Webb won the Pulizer in 1990 and many other writing awards, but in the LA Times 2004 Obituary of Webb the Times implies Webb as ingenious. Only one Letter To The Editor was reported and that letter called the Times Obituary of Webb, “Shameful Treatment of Gary Webb’s Reporting”.

I have scaled to the edge on life’s narrowing ledge
tensed atop the dark abyss, unknown.
Rejecting limits of time and the laws of mankind
to stand, dejected …alone.

From my precipice forlorn I now sensate the storm
of loud protesting instinct, belied.
With only imagery to guide, gray cloud shrouded high,
shadowed landscape, ahead and aside.

Far off, years behind, badly tarnished by time,
reflect visions of virtue and value.
Faint illusions of truth, fleeting glimpses of youth,
shaded memories in softly hued blue.

Looking down at my grave, coldly, bleakly portrayed
in black, silently my chambers await.
Dearest family forgive, trusted friends all relive
those warm blue days, remembered too late.

About the Author, Carl G. Mueller

Born December 23, 1945, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I remember watching my third grade friend drown after falling thru the thin ice, only 10 yards away from the shore where I stood with his younger bother. I was about 8.

I remember watching my father struggle for his life while dying of a heart attack. Dad’s eyes where looking at me with fear as my mother tried to keep him calm in a chair while his right arm reached in my direction; his face was tinted purple and gray. I was 10.

At about 12 years of age I was sent to Sacred Heart Military Academy, a boarding school run by the Brothers of Holy Cross in Watertown, Wisconsin. Sent on the instance by my older sister Marilyn because I was a seditious type of kid and my grades were mostly F’s. We were still living above our tavern that my mother then operated by herself. A few years latter a drunk driver killed my sister Marilyn. Marilyn was only 28 then.

First year and half was a Catholic high school, grades where Ds and Cs. Then a public high school and I was Captain of the football team, President of the Lettermen’s Club, Crowned as the school’s first King, grades where Cs and Bs and one A. My girlfriend won the local beauty contest. Mom had remarried and we where living in a very nice house in the country.

I was drafted into the army and went to Vietnam in 1968. When I got out I became an alcoholic. My brother and I where involved in a serious after-hours drunken barroom brawl. We both ended up pleading guilty to rape of the 40 year old owner of the bar and assault regardless of life to her bartender/boyfriend. The boyfriend had pulled a gun and shot at my brother. To make a long story short, the Judge sentenced both my brother and I to six months in the Waukesha county jail on the work-release program. We served only four months because of good behavior. The woman wasn’t raped and she suddenly moved to Florida. I was about 25.

I continued drinking and smoking pot. Worked as a welder mostly and some car sales. I had a love affair with Patty and she had a son she named Carl. I was about 26.

I fell-in-love with Cindy and we eloped to Las Vegas. Had a son born on Saint Patrick’s Day, named him Patrick at the suggestion of our emergency fill-in Jewish Doctor. About two years latter Cindy and I agreed on a divorce because I wouldn’t/couldn’t stop drinking. We where living in Brown Deer Wisconsin. I was about 30.

While living in Brown Deer, I wrote and passed out flayers accusing my congressman, James Sensenbrenner, of stealing money from the local Milwaukee sewer-fund. The FBI and United States Marshals told me if I didn’t stop accusing Sensenbrenner of being a criminal they would send me to jail. Make another long story short they used my previous felonies and my possession of a 22 rifle (which I inherited from my Uncle Mike, a Korean War Veteran and POW) as a reason to take me to court. In court I represented myself. The FBI agent lied on the witness stand; I ended up in a Federal jail for one year. I was about 35.

After prison I took my new girl friend Ellen to California and stopped all drinking and pot smoking for about the next 23 years. During that time I married and divorced Ellen and then married and divorced Judy. Judy was from Crestline California where we lived. I mostly worked as a welder but then had two total hip replacement operations. Since the operations I have lived on Social Security Disability Insurance. After I divorced Judy we still dated on and off for a few years. At about age 57 and almost two years I tried some controlled drinking and pot smoking for medical raison, but that didn’t turn out exactly as calculated.

August of 2004 I moved up to Big Bear Lake, California and by October I no longer associated with Judy; I also stopped drinking and smoking. My latest hobbies are fishing, walking, watercolor painting, reading, and writing. Writing mostly political complaint type letters. I’m now the “Fearless Misspeller” at age 59.

Posted by neopagan2 at 9:38 AM
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